Our work

Our bespoke digital content is perfect for businesses and online publications that want to increase traffic, sales, brand awareness and credibility. We do this by individually tailoring the content we produce to our customers’ needs.

How can Feelgood Content make your life easier?

Maybe you’re unhappy with the tone of copywriting on your website – haven’t got the time or inspiration to update your blog – don’t know how to produce newsletters that customers want to open – or simply want to farm out the editorial side of business so you can focus on commercial matters.

At Feelgood Content, we are experts in producing and managing content, specialising in all aspects of living well, getting fit and staying healthy.

Our work includes:

  • Content: We can provide the words and images that form the backbone of your site or blog, to attract regular visitors and boost your search engine rankings. Blogpost writing, blog management and copywriting are our bread and butter.
  • Reports: We specialise in pulling together coherent, authoritative reports based on a conference, event, interviews, documentation or other sources. For example: Prado bicentenary at The National Gallery
  • Newsletters: Let us help you devise an effective e-comms strategy, advise on content for your newsletters, edit and even write them for you.
  • Trigger emails: Get in touch to find out how to create an email campaign that goes direct to an engaged audience to promote your brand and pull traffic into your site.

Whatever you want to achieve with your online presence, Feelgood Content can help you get there. Find out more about our services.