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Triggeremail_beautyTrigger email campaigns are the perfect conduit for a business, client or sponsor to reach the inbox of a subscriber in a highly targeted way. No more costly, irritating communications: mails go direct to an engaged audience to inspire, inform and spread your message by the most effective means.

We can help you devise the right trigger email campaign to promote your brand, generate traffic to your website and thus drive business.


4 reasons to build a trigger email campaign:

  1. People open them because they are relevant. If you go for a regular manicure, you care about your nails. A once-a-month email from the salon suggesting ways to keep your nails healthy (with a cheeky offer attached, or a reminder to book your next appointment) is directly targeted at you and is of interest. We can help you identify and hit KPIs for your email campaigns.
  2. They deliver your message to the right market, at the right time. January’s the peak time for new gym membership sign-ups, but how about targeting exam season, when parents are desperate to support under-pressure students with healthy eating and stress management tips? Alternatively, a series of fitness and nutrition emails to lapsed yoga studio members could be just what’s needed to inspire a flurry of new sign-ups for a six-week course of classes in May or June. We can develop the most effective editorial calendar for your trigger email campaign.

    Train for a 10k trigger email

    Goal-led trigger emails generate regular clicks

  3. They are quick and easy to set up and you can reuse them with minimum tweaking. So once your ‘it’s been two months since we last saw you, hang by and sign up for another set of lessons’ email is built, there’s close-to-zero extra cost involved in sending it out on a regular basis. Fact: trigger emails are a low-cost marketing spend that keeps on working for you. Not sure how to write a killer email? We can provide compelling copy that will generate click-throughs, sales and raise your brand’s profile.
  4. Trigger emails score high on both open rates and click-through rates. If you’re looking for audience engagement, trigger emails are where it’s at. Expect around three-times the response from a trigger email than you’d get from a blanket newsletter send-out. We can create bespoke content for your trigger emails that appeals directly to your audience.

Contact Feelgood Content to find out more about creating a trigger email campaign tailored to your business goals.

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