Whatever your goals, our online expertise can help you achieve them. Our services include digital content creation and strategy, research and consultancy into health-related projects, and workplace wellbeing expertise, assisting companies across all sectors to boost their wellness credentials with the associated business benefits of supporting a healthy workplace.


Setting up a new website, microsite, blog or advertorial campaign? We can deliver authoritative, informative, entertaining digital content written to YOUR brand values and designed to target your exact audience. Find out what makes our content GREAT. 

Unhappy with how existing content is performing? We can quickly audit your website, channel by channel, to make it work harder, read better, appeal more to your audience, rate higher on search engines, generate more ‘shares’, increase dwell time and better promote your brand.

Drowning under offline content (brochures, info sheets, expert advice, Q&As), but not sure how best to present it online? We are super-experienced in re-purposing existing content for a digital audience to generate maximum audience engagement, drive ‘likes’, convert casual visitors into loyal customers and build your SEO presence to increase page impressions and grow your brand’s profile.

Newsletters and trigger email campaigns Do subscribers love receiving email communications from you, or are they more likely to bin them even before they are opened? Want to create a killer email campaign with high open and click through rates? We can help you develop newsletters and trigger email campaigns that delight your audience, promote your pr oduct and don’t end up in the trash folder. We know how to write the best emails in the business – with click-through rates that prove it.


Our Director and Founder Nicola Davenport has worked at top level in the digital wing of high-profile publishers such as Hearst Magazines, The Press Association and Universal Music. She has helped design, launch and edit consumer-focused websites. She has developed, commissioned, written and published long-and short-form content that has pushed her websites to the top of the search engine rankings, created loyal user-bases and delighted sponsors and advertisers.

If you’re looking for more than simple content upload, re-purposing or manipulation, you need our digital consultancy services. How can we help your business reach its online targets?

Insight: Years of experience producing, presenting and promoting wellness content to an online audience means we have a clear idea of what will win you clicks, delight your audience and have them coming back for more. We also know how to produce content quickly and cost-effectively, as well as how to focus effort on areas that will deliver best ROI.

Content planning: We can help identify a strategic direction for your project and work out how to get there using the power of SEO, timely content and social media. Producing tailored content, in the right format, at the right time and targeted at the right audience will mean you hit KPIs.

Content marketing: Sometimes, taking a step back from the product or service on offer can improve audience engagement and loyalty. We specialise in translating brand values into consumer-friendly editorial copy and campaigns that create a feelgood vibe and build your search engine traction.


Want your business to enjoy the benefits of a healthier, more motivated staff? Like the sound of adopting wellness practices for your team but have no idea how to get started? We specialise in helping SMEs get involved in the health and wellbeing at work zeitgeist that many larger organisations are investing in, but without having to pay for an in-house employee assistance program that may not be a good fit for a smaller business.

It’s a simple way to improve staff retention, satisfaction and productivity while reaping the marketing and PR benefits of taking the healthy workplaces path.

Get in touch to talk about how we can help your brand or project.