What attracts traffic to your site? Content. Whether it’s offers or information, visitors will only spend time there if they like what they find.

Feelgood Content is expert in providing digital content and copywriting to client specifications across a range of lifestyle topics on a one-off or ongoing basis.

Vertical channels:

We can provide evergreen content to form the backbone of a new or existing channel on your site. Want to add or boost your nutrition content? Need to add a fitness sub-channel? Perhaps you want to become a mindfulness destination or source of information about ski holidays? We can provide you with a one-off delivery of words that will target your audience, or a regular flow of content to keep your site up-to-date and search engine friendly.


Regular, SEO-positive blogposts help push your site up the search rankings: fact. Regularly updated, content-relevant, timely blogs are among the best ways to please not just Google, however, but also your customers and casual visitors to your website. Blogging should be an ongoing part of your marketing budget because traffic to your site means more opportunities to sell your product, promote your brand, and make sure you are front of mind when visitors are in the mood to buy.
We can help you finetune your blog channel to your audience by producing blog posts that are relevant to your products, to news events and seasonal trends. Alternatively, you write the blog and we will happily edit before it goes live, ensuring it meets your company style and brand values, incorporates the best keywords, reads accurately (think spelling and grammar), and is interesting to your audience.

Looking for an influencer or guest blogger to support your business? We can help you target the best profile for the job plus manage the relationship for you.

Content planning:

An editorial content plan keeps you in control, enables you to timetable consumer and PR campaigns effectively, and ensure the information, news and features on your website are all working as hard as they can to earn you traffic, clicks and better search engine rankings.
Let us build you a killer content plan that enables your in-house team to develop products, blog posts and social media that meet the needs of your target audience. Or go a step further, and allow us to both develop and manage your editorial content – leaving you more time to run the commercial side of your business.

Social media:

We don’t just plan for the web, we can also help you create and circulate content for social media channels: how to craft tweets that generate click-throughs and sales, build your facebook following, develop your Instagram and Pinterest audiences. Social media is an invaluable marketing tool and essential to help boost your company’s profile online, but do not underestimate how much effort it requires.
Let us help you target the right audience, using the most effective hashtags and scheduling to drive customers and build loyalty.

Sounds interesting? Get in touch to talk through your requirements.

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