My perfect post-workout recovery

Fitting fitness, nutrition, work and everyday chores into your life can be a challenge, which is why during a month of almost daily 90-minute Bikram yoga sessions I’ve had to be super-organised.

I’m not a huge fan of supplement shakes, mainly because I always favour ‘real’ food over powders, but I know that when I’m pushing myself on the fitness front my body really does benefit from a helping hand in the form of extra protein, healthy fats and the right kind of carbs.

Finding a grab-and-go recovery shake that tastes great and dissolves quickly as well as supporting my fitness is pretty important. And I must say that during my intensive Bikram month, USN whey protein shakes pretty much hit the spot for me when it came to post-practice recovery.

USN protein shake

Protein shake: the perfect recovery drink

I’m not a fan of chocolate so stuck with the strawberry flavour, and livened it up by replacing plain water with coconut water (utterly delicious!) or glugging in a splash of unsweetened almond milk. I’m a massive fan of maxing up those health benefits.

Having a protein shake to hand the minute I walked in the door after a long hot session in the studio was a so-simple, effective way to give myself an energy boost before jumping in the shower. It staved off the hunger pangs and meant I could drive on through to my next project without wasting time. Homemade power balls were my other secret weapon.

A USN shake was the perfect way to start the rehydration process as well as kicking off the repair process for stretched muscle tissue. A month in, and I felt stronger, leaner and revitalized. My running pace was faster and I was sleeping better. I also enjoyed one of my best ever ski trips, with improved endurance, strength and general fitness. Thanks Bikram Wimbledon and USN.

My next fitness project? Now the days are longer and getting warmer, it’s time to get back on my bike and start work on those legs, arms and lungs in preparation for this year’s 100-mile RideLondon-Surrey cycle sportive. We’re talking protein shakes, energy gels, isotonic drinks – and a whole heap of hills. Bring it on!