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Puppy hugging: good for the soul

Celia_puppyIs there anything you’d rather do than cuddle a puppy? I popped on down to the London Pet Show at Earls Court with the kids for exactly that reason today.

The place is packed with smiling, friendly animal lovers – as well as dogs, ducks, showjumping Swedish rabbits (apparently Scandi bunnies are the best jumpers. Yes, really!), cats, snakes, hamsters, guinea pigs, darling little miniature hedgehogs; I could go on. Basically, if you like stroking, holding and talking about pets, the annual London Pet Show is definitely the place to be.

Wellness – yes: everyone knows that puppy hugging is good for the psyche. Peace and tranquility – hmm, less so: all the way home, ‘Mummy, when can we have a puppy?’ Predictable, I guess.